How do they last?

We use a special technique where each Eternal Rose is carefully handled at its peak and then preserved using a proprietary solution.

Are they actually real roses?

Some things do look too good to be true but our Eternal Roses are 100% real and are so natural that they cannot be told apart from fresh roses.

How long will my rose last?

Eternal Roses will last a year but with proper care and attention your Eternal Rose can last for years to come. Just keep it away from direct sunlight, water and extremes of temperature. Please do not handle or move your rose as with all things fragile it will get damaged. Small changes are normal, minor imperfections in the petals allow them to look like fresh roses and the longest lasting Eternal Roses we have are over 5 years old and still going!

I have emailed you but had no response ?

We aim to reply to all email queries the same business day. Sometimes our replies can make they way into your spam folder so please check this. If you require a more urgent response please give us a call.

How will my Eternal Rose be delivered?

Your order will arrive by our trusted courier who takes every care and attention with your order. Just ensure someone is available to sign for the delivery. If you miss the delivery then please refer to the card left.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, if you would prefer to collect your order in person then we can accommodate this. Just contact us via the website page and we can arrange a suitable time and date for your collection. Signature and the Ultimate collection can take up to 7 working days.

Will my order look like the photos?

We assure that you will receive your Eternal Rose product as shown on our website. Although please understand that roses are a natural product and with all natural things they are all slightly different this adds to its beauty. Due to lighting and country of origin there may be very slight variations, we always strive to keep our roses as close to the website photos. The rose can have cracks and small tears or holes in the leaves. When the rose is in transit to you it is normal for a few leaves to have fallen. We purposefully send a stem with more leaves for this reason.